Enjoycare Technology ( Zhejiang ) Co., Ltd was established in 2010 , specializing in designing and producing eco electric vehicles .  

Our company owns 2 main brands for two different projects , one is ENJOCYARE ,  which mainly devotes to improve the elders life quantity and help the disabled to get rehabilitation , the other brand is EASYLAND for electric bikes intending to devote in saving energy and cleaning our global environment.  

Company covers an area of 25,000 sq meters , the eco electric vehicles we produced  including mobility scooter ,  electric wheelchair and electric bikes are exported to more than 70 countries in the world. Enjoycare Technology ( Zhejiang ) Co., Ltd is one of the fastest growing global manufacturer of ECO electric vehicles .  

We are motived with passion to work out safer, more qualified and more affordable products . Company has its professional R&D devision and hardware facilities , such as metal welding workshop, powder spraying workshop, UV baking workshop, CNC finishing workshop, injection workshop, aluminium die casting workshop , ect .  

Company possesses dozens of patent technologies and we are proud of having designed the first four-wheel driving stair climbing electric wheelchair.

To be more competitive in ECO electric vehicle industry, we have got Quality Managerment System Certifications of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485. For products

certificates , we have CE,  EN15194, E-Mark , Rohs , ect .

 We are honored to be awarded as “Jinhua High and New Technology Industry”, “Zhejiang New Technology Industry” and “National High and New Technology Industry”.

  We are also proud to say that we can produce the best electric wheelchairs , mobility scooters and electrtic bicycles by the people here who have a passion for doing the best.

Our Company Goals

1- To produce the best product which focus on innovation, functionality, and creativity.

2- To provide the highest quality marketing solutions, and customized  products.

3- To be a wonderful place for people to work

4- To be a company that provides outstanding customer service.

5- To be a company that builds great customer relationships.