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Enjoycare:Leveraging the embassy to do business
Source:Jinhua Enjoycare Motive Technology Co., Ltd.,    Time:2015-06-10

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   "I like to make impossible." He Mengjun is Jinhua Ikai Power Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Ikai Power"), founder of his distinctive, do not take the unusual way, the most representative approach Is through the search for foreign embassies and foreign embassies in China to help business.

In 2006, He Mengjun together with friends business. In 2010, he did the accessories from the past to "upgrade" to do the product, brand, and the creation of the Ikai power, focusing on the production of electric scooter, electric wheelchair and two rounds of smart balance car.

Recommended by the embassy to win customer trust

He Mengjun feel quite deep, in the Internet age, and foreign customers to do business with the way in previous years is quite different. Prior to 1970, foreign customers used to read the order after the factory thing, and now many customers simply do not have to look at the factory, only a small number of large customers will talk about the same time to the factory to see.

The Internet platform and the Fair and the platform for foreign professional exhibition, through these platforms can get a lot of customers. He Mengjun told the "China Business" reporter, at first to find their own customers also use "sweeping the street," this soil and stupid way, this approach is not obvious and the cost is high.

He Mengjun attaches great importance to the opportunity to participate in foreign exhibitions, he used to arrange the trip before going abroad, and booked a good ticket hotel in advance, so that travel costs will reduce a lot. He Mengjun said that they will check in time, asked the hotel staff, the local "electric scooter" "electric wheelchair car" how to write the text, and through the local search engine to find the relevant businesses. In the search engine to find these related businesses, they will get in touch with each other, convenient to go directly to the visit, so that "sweep" again, almost a large local dealer caught.

This door to visit the way customers can feel more sincere, and then bring the information and samples, the possibility of a higher transaction. He Mengjun that now have to look for customers to pay attention to strategy, first of all, or a detailed understanding of customer needs, and give them a certain profit margins.

Of course, to get a customer is sometimes difficult. He Mengjun told reporters that more than 3 years ago, the North African country Algeria, a businessman expressed interest in the product of Iraq Kay, He Mengjun and his team very seriously, but several times through the mail communication is not obvious, on the one hand, Is French, and Ikai dynamic side is basically English material.

"At that time, we thought of the Chinese Embassy in Algeria to find ways to help the embassy with commercial counselor, we actually do not know, and no contact. Our embassy staff is very friendly, in understanding the situation, Really through their channels to help us contact this business. "He Mengjun said, because the embassy to come forward to recommend, which in the minds of customers on the increase in the confidence of Iraq Kai power.

Later, Ikai power through channels to find a local girl in Jinhua, Algeria, where her Chinese enterprises just have a project in the local, from the customer's business is only 2 km road, through her to communicate with customers, and ultimately to the customer Signed down. He Mengjun memories, at first is a container of goods, more than 3 years down, and now the customer has grown into the most powerful customers of the Iraqi Kay.

With the power of the embassy, ​​the two sides can exchange more fully and more easily recognized. Not only Ikai power to go out and sometimes find the Chinese embassy, ​​some customers to visit the factory, Yikai power will also advise customers to contact the Embassy in China, so that the embassy staff came together to study the business.

He Mengjun, for example, in an invitation to a businessman in Hungary, the proposed merchants together with the invitation of the Hungarian Ambassador to the business counselor staff to go. The benefits of doing so is obvious, more convenient to communicate, more timely communication of information.

Starting from the details to improve product quality

To find customers is on the one hand, allow customers to continue to do business with you is another matter. He Mengjun deep feelings, for the initial product Ikai power, He Mengjun are not very satisfied with his request at that time only "products can be activated on it!

Do the idea of ​​the elderly scooter is also the edge of insight from the market. He Mengjun's grandfather once sick, he found that there is a market for older scooters, but also in a foreign exhibitors process found: "European production scooter prices are too high, a model sold to wholesalers price of at least 3000 euros, if We design, configure and work hard to do high - end products, 1000 ~ 2000 euros sold to dealers, dealers in the European market to sell around 3000 euros, there are competitive profit margins.

In 2010, Yikai power began to invest in scooters and electric wheelchair vehicle production. Prior to this, starting in 2006, he and his friends to do the scooter in the parts controller. A few years ago, the controller has money to make, and with the decline in international market conditions, small workshops quickly lost profit margins.

Just started to do these products, He Mengjun own experience and awareness are not enough, that as long as the car can move up, and did not consider the durability of the product. According to him, was received by the first single business is a Japanese guests, guests in contrast to several factories in Jinhua, the final choice of the Ikai power. "Why would we choose, probably because he saw our entrepreneurial enthusiasm and sincerity." He Mengjun guess the guests bet Ikai dynamic mood.

"In fact, we ourselves know, then make the product, even our own feel not satisfied." He Mengjun respect, which makes the company very injured, finally done with the first single customer, it is difficult to have Repeat customers. This prompted his reflection, began to attach importance to product quality and brand operation.

As a result, Yikai power began to register "ENJOYCARE" brand and invest in R & D. At present, Yikai power for three consecutive years of investment in research and development every year to keep more than 300 million, each year will launch two to four new models.

In the past, the elderly scooters are produced using a common mold, and now, Ikai power began to use the company custom mold. "For example, with the car-like, German cars than Japanese cars in the weight to be heavy, these electric scooter is the same, we have to pay attention to the selection of steel, but also in the durability of the car to do A lot of improvements. "He Mengjun added.

He Mengjun has now set up their own quality concept. He believes that product quality is a management and awareness issues. In the details of the products done, and will not allow enterprises to increase the number of costs, but if the details do a good job, the quality of the product is quite different, so that products can be based in the US and European markets in order to usher in a continuous Repeat customers.


Expert reviews

Now, companies are beginning to attach importance to product quality, this is a very good phenomenon, I am familiar with many companies have therefore received a good market response. However, there is a natural problem in China, at the show will also find that "Made in China" natural inferior, the same quality is not on the price, it is indeed frustrating. Have to say, this is before a lot of enterprises to take cheap cheap products impact on the international market, one of the important psychological factors. For Ikai power, the brand is established, but the whole brand in China to establish the need to establish a longer period of time and effort in this process is bound to have some people retreat, and can continue to adhere to the enterprise, will be able to get rich returns .

Made in China Commentator Ren Xuekui

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